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Meet Our 2023 Executive Board

Anna Kate Staup


Hi! I am a junior from Huntsville, Alabama! It is such a privilege and an honor to serve as the Chapter President for MSU ADPI! Before serving as President, I also served as the Vice President of Event Management and Special Events Choreographer. It was very apparent to me early on in my membership with ADPI that I wanted to selflessly serve these women. My sisters have shown me unconditional love, friendship, and encouragement and I couldn't be more grateful for each and every one of them. I am ready to tackle this year with humility, tenacity, and confidence and look forward to what is to come!

Addie Miles

VP of Operations

I am a sophomore from Chattanooga, Tennessee and I am so excited to serve as Vice President of Operations this year! My job is to be the liaison between our chapter and the national executive office, our advisors, and the international organization. I am beyond grateful to serve my chapter in this way!

Nancy Lee Sanders

VP of Member Experience

I am a junior from Madison, Mississippi, with a major in Elementary Education, and I am incredibly honored to be serving as Vice president of Membership Experience! I have such a big heart for the genuine, loyal, and kind-hearted women that make up our chapter, and I am so grateful for the love and support they have given me here in Alpha Delta Pi. From being unsure of myself and my abilities, to becoming a leader in our chapter, I am proud to say that I am becoming the best version of myself due to the unwavering encouragement and support of my isters. There is talent, passion, and enthusiasm within all of my sisters, and through my position, I will do the same as they have done to me- Uplift, challenge, and cheer them on through anything they set their minds to. I can't wait for what this year will bring!

Jessica Zajac

VP of Finance

I am a sophomore from State College, PA, double majoring in Accounting and Management. I am so excited to be able to serve on the Executive Board as the Vice President of Finance! Being from Pennsylvania, I came to Mississippi State looking for women who I could call on my best days, worst days, and everything in-between. I can confidently say my sisters have fulfilled everything I could've ever dreamed of. By serving as the Vice President of Finance I am responsible for managing the sorority's finances, creating a budget for each officer, and ensuring members are keeping up with their payments. I am so excited to work with our sisters this year!

Emily Donaldson

VP of Event Management

I am a junior from Watson, Louisiana and I am majoring in Animal and Dairy sciences. As Vice President of Event Management, it is my job to host date parties and other social events ensuring that our friendships grow stronger while having a wonderful time. I am ecstatic to be serving Epsilon Eta in this position and look forward to seeing life long memories made!

Maggie Simpson

VP of Member Development

I am a Junior from Pelham, Alabama majoring in Biochemistry. As the Vice President of Member Development, my job is to ensure that every sister is thriving and reaching her full potential, focusing on mental health, academics, and wellness of each individual member. every day I am reminded of how lucky i am to serve in a position that reflects values I admire most, and I cannot wait to see how this chapter grows throughout the next year!

Abby Matijevic

VP of Panhellenic Relations

I am a sophomore from Chicago, Illinois studying Secondary Education with a concentration in History. As an out of state student from the north I did not fully have an understanding of greek life and all of the hard working women that were involved in it. Now, after living here for over a year, I have grown to love greek life and have been impacted so heavily by all of the wonderful friends I have made with Alpha Delta Pi. I am so excited for what this year has to offer !

Kylie Montes

VP of Marketing

I am a sophomore from Slidell, Louisiana, and I am majoring in Elementary Education. I am serving as this years Vice President of Marketing! I get to oversee all things marketing which includes formal recruitment, merchandise, and social media. The opportunities I have been blessed with in this chapter have shaped me into the person I am today. I’m so excited to be able to give back and watch this chapter grow even more !

Emily Strickland

Director of Facility Management

I am a junior from Selma, Alabama, majoring in Civil Engineering, and minoring in Mathematics. I am so honored to serve my chapter as Director of Facility Management. This position will allow me to make sure that all the needs of my sisters are met through meals and housing. I am excited to grow closer and represent all of the people that I hold so close to my heart.

Kendall Sanders

Director of Primary Recruitment

I am a sophomore from Calera, Alabama majoring in Political Science with a Pre-Law minor. I am so honored to serve Epsilon Eta as our Director of Primary Recruitment. It is my job to lead this chapter through the Recruitment process and prepare the women of ADPI for all of the amazing things that come with recruitment. I could not love this chapter more and I'm so excited to be in this position! I can't wait to meet AC "23!

Serena Rosa

Director of New Member Experience

I am a junior from Los Angeles, California pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. I am thrilled to serve Epsilon Eta as Director of New Member Experience. With this role I get to know each Alpha and guide them through their process of becoming a Delta member of Alpha Delta Pi. Some of my responsibilities with this position are leading weekly Alpha Education meetings, hosting New Member bonding events, and arranging Big/Little Reveal! I am excited to connect with each of these young women, make memories we will cherish forever, and give them the best New Member Experience.

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