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As members of the fraternity/sorority community, Alpha Delta Pi is proud to welcome those who want to enhance their college experience as part of something bigger. We select and maintain membership on the basis of scholarship, leadership, commitment, and service to the work of the sorority, the university, and the community.


Come home to Alpha Delta Pi and find women who are true and loyal, just like our blue and white colors represent. ADPi sisters are leaders and visionaries. We are SGA senators, artists, student athletes, and scholars. We are committed to sisterhood, values and ethics, high academic standards, and social responsibility. We committed to those when we established the first secret society for collegiate women in 1851 at the first university chartered to grant degrees to women. We are committed to them still today.


Nancy Lee Sanders

Vice President of Membership Experience

Alpha Delta Pi's sisterhood is something that is so powerful. My sisters have always supported me and made me feel so loved since the first day I stepped into this house. Every day my sisters continue to show me how much they care and how far they are willing to go to help people. This sisterhood is truly something that will last a lifetime, and for that, I will always be grateful. As the Vice President of Member Experience, I hope to help develop these amazing relationships and grow our bonds of sisterhood even stronger than they already are!

Marlie Barnes

Sisterhood Program Specialist #1

I am a Junior Secondary English Education major from Columbia, MS. I have the honor of serving as Sisterhood Programming Specialist #1 for Alpha Delta Pi. I plan sisterhood events for the chapter as a whole. This position means so much to me, because I get to help my sisters have fun during their time here! We have events like friendship bracelet making, game nights,  movie nights, and so much more! I am so happy to have this opportunity, and so blessed to get to work alongside my sweet sister Celia Toenjes. I can't wait for another great semester in this position

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Victoria Mitchell

Director of Prides

Hello, I'm from Lexington, Kentucky. I am the Director of Prides. Director of Prides is in charge of pride groups, which are small groups within the sorority. They are just a great way to get to know people within the chapter and they host pride events for all the sorority to enjoy.  I choose to divide them into common interests, like getting a loaded tea or going for a walk. There have been a lot of Pride events this semester like having a paint party, a line dancing class, Easter egg hunt, and a popcorn and topping party. I have liked being director of prides to be able to bring the chapter together to do things and have quality time together. 

Celia Toenjes

Sisterhood Program Specialist #2

I am Celia Toenjes, I am a senior psychology major from Belleville, IL and I currently serve as Sisterhood Specialist #2. This position entails creating fun environments and events specific to each delta class, new members, and sisters who live in house. This has been an amazing opportunity to be the first to hold this position in our chapter. Getting to serve my sisters in groups has allowed me the opportunity to connect with them in more personal settings. I have loved learning about everyone's interests and personalities throughout my time here and enjoy nothing more than seeing smiles on my sisters faces.



One of the biggest things our sisters look forward to each year is our Diamond Sister Reveal. This is where an older sister mentors her younger sister all throughout the new member process. The older Diamond sister takes on the role of being someone she can always go to for learning about the privileges and responsibilities that come with being an Alpha Delta Pi.

Overall our Diamond Sister program helps build unity throughout our chapter. Many times these pairings turn into friendships that last a lifetime! This process enhances many girls experiences as an Alpha Delta Pi


At Alpha Delta Pi we always enjoy getting to do more things together, while making lots more memories. Something we value is spending time together to make our bond even stronger.

Each semester we are able to spend time with other sisters as well as other sororities, or fraternities for sisterhood events, date parties, swaps, and game day attending. This alone builds a strong community not only in our house but around campus as well, which enriches our collegiate experiences together.


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Not only do we enjoy supporting athletics on campus in the stands, but we also like to participate in Intramural sports. From flag football tournaments to soccer matches and so many other sports, we love to participate in it all! Alpha Delta Pi competes against other Panhellenic chapters as well as organizations on Mississippi State's campus.


Every sister is given the opportunity to sign up for any sport they love even including dance and cheer competitions. These athletics helps our sisters bond whether they are on a team together, or cheering the others on. You can always catch an ADPi either in the Sanderson Center or out on a field on campus.

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